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ALSO FOR 5th WHEEL FISHERMAN The New Cartop Carrier with the Unique Ball Point Pivot, Triangle Locking, and the T-BAR E-Z Loader.

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We have not forgotten you.  BOAT CARRIERS Cartop Carrier, aerodynamically designed, with the Unique Ball Point Pivot, Triangle locking, and the T-BAR E-Z Loader allows the full length of your pick-up bed for jack-knifing of even the longest of the 5th Wheel trailers. truck_top_carrier.jpg (14832 bytes)

NOTE: T-Bar E-Z Slide is made of Apitong Mahogany and is $55.00 extra + tax + delivery charges

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"A" Frame front mount with rear deluxe waterproof fishing and storage box, 12 gauge metal, 72" long x 7" high x 4" wide, with locking doors at each end. $195.00 + tax + delivery charges
"A" Frame front mount with angle iron rear mount. $120.00 + tax
"A" Frame front mount with Custom formed rubber backed cab mount to fit your particular vehicle. Ideal for super-cab, pick-ups that need the full length of their bed for 5th wheel turning or Cab High Camper. $121.50 + tax
"A" Frame front mount without rear mount $78.00 + tax

Call 818-613-8277 or 818-848-8590

U.S.&FOREIGN PAT'S 264325-4603798-4706893 AND OTHER PAT'S PENDING.

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